Do you trust Amazon, Tylenol and Toyota?

Posted on February 24, 2010



Wow, according to this Media Post article, Tylenol and Toyota are both among the top 10 most trusted brands in the US. AND, they share the list with FedEx and UPS.

I am shocked. Do you trust these brands? Even after we studied the Tylenol contamination scandal in business school? Even after the recently discovered Toyota quality flaws? Those are pretty standard examples of reasons not to trust companies. What’s keeping them on this list? Good PR?

Also, I’ve had terrible experiences with shipping companies. They’re right up there on the evil scale with airlines in my book. So, I’d never put UPS and FedEx on my most trusted list.

That’s an interesting proposal. What if I were ask you to rank your most trusted brands. Who would you add to your list? Mine would probably include brands like:
1) Whole Foods and Trader Joes
2) Apple
3) North Face
4) Lululemon
5) Amazon (I see the point here)

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