Do we really need a study to show iPhone users are addicted?

Posted on March 2, 2010



I joked shortly after moving back to San Francisco that they must be handing out iPhones at the CA border; everyone seemed to have one. That’s shifted a bit as a) AT&T’s service has been outed as officially terrible and b) cool new phones like the Droid and the Pre have giving AT&T (or Apple) haters an alternative.

Still, the vast majority of people I know are iPhone owners (including me); and yes, as the Merc News story suggests, they’re (ok, we’re) addicted. For most people, an iPhone is the first thing they touch in the morning… it’s glued to their hand or faithfully placed on their desk throughout the day.

You might be thinking – that’s just a phone thing, not iPhone-specific behavior. True, but it’s what happens when you encounter “one of those people” in the wild that sets them apart. It’s almost like the iPhone becomes a part of the conversation. The iPhone is invited to the bar or to the meeting… and it isn’t content just to sit silently in your bag or pocket. It’s consistently begging (with adorable sounds) to be a part of the conversation and interaction – and more and more, we seem to be giving in.

What do you think? Is iPhone addiction unhealthy? Specifically, is your iPhone addiction unhealthy? Can you break the habit?

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