Don???t Call Me, I Won???t Call You via @nytimes

Posted on March 22, 2011


Telephones were first sold exclusively for business purposes and only later as a kind of practical device for the home. Husbands could phone wives when traveling on business, and wives could order their groceries delivered. Almost immediately, however, people began using the telephone for social interactions. ???The phone companies tried to stop that for about 30 years because it was considered improper usage,??? Dr. Fischer said.

We may be returning to the phone???s original intentions ??? and impact. ???I can tell you exactly the last time someone picked up the phone when I called,??? Mary Roach said. ???It was two months ago and I said: ???Whoa! You answered your phone!??? It was a P.R. person. She said, ???Yeah, I like to answer the phone.??? ??? Both were startled to be voice-to-voice with another unknown, unseen human being.

In honor of my former boss @philgreenough who was always telling us to ‘pick up the black thing on our desks’… Do you still talk on the phone? Who do you talk to? Sometimes there’s nothing like a good phone call to catch up… when it’s scheduled, of course.

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