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Songs by Steve

August 26, 2011


A fitting story this week in AdAge on the songs Steve Jobs made famous (ok, that his agency made famous) in iDevice commercials. I'll admit I've purchased one or two of these. Apple commercials remain the only ones I won't fast forward on the DVR....

Who Are Men’s Role Models? via @adage

August 13, 2011


via "A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars." Click on the link above for the full story about who men view as their most impactful role models. I'd like to see the same report for women and would anticipat...

Budweiser makeover via @adage

August 4, 2011


via Ah, memories. After working at A-B for 3+ years, I always like a good BUD story... although I'm not sure I can drink the stuff anymore post-college. In any case, the new can design is great visually - but people associated BUD with s...