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Fenton the Dog’s Viral Video Remade via @Adweek

November 14, 2012


via I'm not sure about the Jurassic Park element at the end, but otherwise, this video is pretty genius. It's one of the best ads I've seen off the back of a meme and *almost* makes the original video better. Click "adweek" above for th...

Anthony Bourdain Trashes Travel Channel Over Ad Integration via @adage

November 13, 2012


via Are ads that use your favorite TV characters going too far? Perhaps they are if the actor in question doesn't even know he's going to be endorsing a product! While Anthony Bourdain is a snarky character in general, I think he has a p...

Buyral: When Your Video Absolutely, Positively Has to Go Viral via @Adweek

November 7, 2012


via From the "Catvertising" agency, Adweek shares a "Buyral" video. Cheesy advertising humor, but I like it!