Checked out your LinkedIn profile lately?

Posted on December 5, 2012


Today I read a blog post from LinkedIn, which calls out the top 10 buzzwords used in profiles – the words that don’t mean a thing, but everyone feels obligated to chuck in.

I’m not in the market for a new job given that mine just moved me to London at my request, but I was curious. Am I guilty? I am a marketer and general buzzword addict by trade. But to my surprise, I’d only used 2 of the offending words. In fact, I’d used “creative” to describe work I’ve done, rather than describing myself. And I’d used “responsible” to indicate ownership rather than as commentary to suggest that I generally show up to work on time… 

Back patting aside, my LinkedIn profile was still terrible. It didn’t even hint at what I actually do all day or why you (as an employer, colleague or a client) would want to work with me. What if we were all just honest? What if we tried to say what we do all day — not “write emails and DJ the office speakers” but the work they actually pay us to do.

When I was just starting out in my PR career, I had a boss that would add 5+ years to my experience every time we met a potential new client. I’m aging quickly enough, thank you! So, in an effort to rescue my personal brand from former bosses and marketing buzzwords, I’ve taken a stab at updating my profile — the window to “work me.” I even added a recent photo to replace the 3 year old corporate headshot — talk about aging quickly!

How did I do? Let’s call it a personal rebranding work in progress.  



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