MSFT’s ‘Scroogled’ Parody. Entertaining? via @adweek

Posted on May 20, 2013


I quite like this parody ad by MSFT about Google’s Chrome browser (which I’m using to write this post). It’s well-executed, catchy and I can see how it would be used internally to rally the troops in Redmond.

On the other hand, it’s obviously super defensive, and sort of misses the point. Consumers are using Chrome. We’re using it on all our devices. In fact, at last count, I have not just Chrome, but 7 Google apps on my iPhone. If Google wants to serve me more relevant ads by reading my emails, cool. I’ll click on that discount for Hawaiian vacations any day — I was thinking about it anyway, they just saved me the search.

Do you think it’s creepy? Go incognito on Chrome or use private browsing on Firefox.

Am I missing some awesome alternative from Microsoft? If you were working for MSFT, would this get you fired up?

Full story: Microsoft Hammers Google in Leaked Parody of a Chrome Ad | Adweek.

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