#selfies = Advertising for the #Me generation via @pandodaily

Posted on May 30, 2013


This photo from the Pando Daily article is terrifying. I don’t want to look at it ever again. But the idea behind it is brilliant. Kam.io has built a platform for advertisers to enable fans to ____ themselves, in this case the _____ is “zombie.”

I love the idea of brands creatively capitalizing on a prominent trend, like the millions of selfies consumers take every day. If you’re a Walking Dead fan, I’m sure this is something you’d share, just like we did with Mad Men yourself.

For marketers, the best part is surely working with a platform provider like Kam.io vs. outsourcing expensive designers or agencies to build something from scratch. It will be interesting to see what other kinds of success they find, but it looks like Kam.io is off to a great start.

Two wrongs make a right: Why not turn selfies into ads? | PandoDaily.


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