Kate Spade Opens 24hr Shoppable Store Windows via @psfk

Posted on June 25, 2013


Wasn’t online shopping supposed to solve this problem already? You walk by a shop window and see something you want. Do you a) touch the window, or b) pull out your smartphone to order it? With the genius Kate Spade 24-hour shoppable windows, the answer is: either one/both!

Sure, you could just buy the new skirt online from the comfort of your couch, but in this case it will be delivered to your doorstep nearly immediately. Wait?! You’re not home… I guess they might still be working out those details.

In any case, with shoppable windows, brands like Kate Spade can take advantage of impulse purchasing, without staffing a shop full of salespeople. And they can make good use of abandoned storefronts. Instead of walking down a street full of “for rent” signs, wouldn’t it be nice to see shoppable windows giving life to the neighborhood while landlords await new tenants?

Will shoppable windows be the new billboard? Or replace the pop-up shop? Or will they be just another passing fad in the ever-innovating retail industry?

Shop Window

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