Cookies and social media: these are a few of my favorite things

Posted on August 7, 2013


Back when I was a girl scout, if you wanted someone to buy cookies, you had to knock on a door. Or at least pedal the cookies around your mom’s office with big puppy dog eyes. (That always worked!)

The girl scouts of 2013 on the other hand, market their cookies via Facebook and Twitter and bombard you outside the Safeway, usually plucking away on their iPhones while their parents do the actual money-for-Thin Mint transactions. Unfortunately, social media marketing efforts aside, there’s nothing online about girl scout cookie season. Apparently, (according to this Techi story: Cookies and social media | entrepreneurial young ladies who try to trade Paypal funds for cookies are met with cease and desist orders from headquarters.

That’s a shame. Or is it? It’s a shame because young women who are entrepreneurial and inventive should be encouraged and rewarded. Do we want to create the next female Mark Zuckerburg? Perhaps letting a girl scout set up her own online business is step #1.

On the other hand, for years, girls scouts across the country have profited from the adage that scarcity breeds demand. In the age of social media, is there such thing as a seasonal business? Or is “cookie time” a thing of the past? Perhaps girl scout leaders are just trying to preserve tradition and nostalgia, two of their greatest marketing tools (right behind Twitter and Facebook, of course).

All this talk about cookies is making me hungry…



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