Who’s that in my Insta-feed?

Posted on October 24, 2013


It was inevitable. And it’s here. Instagram advertising.

Like most Instagram fanatics, I didn’t cause a stir when the company announced they’d be putting ads into my feed. I’ve always trusted Instagram, and I follow their own photo-sharing accounts, so I have to believe they’ll enforce some sort of quality that will make the new ads compelling.  That said, Instagram’s parent company – Facebook – has lately been serving increasingly annoying ads, so it will be a bit “wait-and-see.”

For example, in this recent TechCrunch article with examples of the Insta-ads, they included this sponsored post from Levis. If this popped up in my feed, I’d do a double-take. It looks just like something a friend would post, and I’d want to know who was visiting the Grand Canyon.



On the other hand, no one in my network would ever publish a bucket full of Ben and Jerry’s, à la the ad below.


In addition to maintaining a creative level of excellence, Instagram will need to ensure ads are targeted to the right users, at the right time. Create captivating ads that leave me wanted to click the heart, and I’ll stick around. Fill my feed with mediocre products photos from irrelevant brands and I’ll quickly find another network for sharing.

Which companies do you think will find success with Instagram advertising? Travel companies seem like a natural fit. Who else?