Virgin America Turns Boring into Marketing Opportunity

Posted on October 29, 2013


This article on Skift explains how Virgin America Just Released an In-Flight Safety Video That Will Make You Dance. In flight videos are notoriously boring and annoying; and I’m sure that after 2-3 times watching this one, it will probably get on your nerves as well.

However, kudos to Virgin for getting back to their musical roots! Not every airline could pull off the cool look and hip-hop feel credibly. I especially love that they’ve taken the opportunity one step further – getting “fans” involved with an Instagram contest.

Virgin America is an aspirational brand, with plenty of opportunities for seasonal marketing, but this is unexpectedly high quality entertainment… for something that would normally seem very boring. They’ve also, perhaps unfortunately raised a bar that other airlines are already attempting to top (see: Delta’s attempt at holiday creativity).

Stay tuned to the in-flight entertainment system for more.