Fat-fighting brand marketers?

Posted on November 15, 2013


If your product is sneakers, marketing fitness makes good sense. But what if your brand represents sugary soda? I suppose Coca Cola would tell you that “happiness” is their real product, but we’d all know that’s just another marketing tactic like their “Taxi del Movimiento” campaign in Chile.

This article in Digiday explored recent brand campaigns that claim to Whip You Into Shape, including the Coke Taxi mentioned above, the Russian Olympics promotion where train passengers do 30 squats for a free ticket, and an Asics Treadmill challenge where runners are forced to maintain record-breaking speeds.

While all the campaigns are creative and fun to watch, I can’t help but wonder how we can make sure all this brand marketing is really reaching the people who need the “fitness is important” message.

The videos also spark another idea. Instead of calling for an all-out ban on sugary drinks — which isn’t likely to make a dent in the vast profits of Coca Cola — perhaps we should ‘tax’ the junk food industry with creating marketing awareness campaigns. If it takes Coca Cola to get people pedaling their way through cab rides around the world, maybe that’s exactly the kind of brand building power we need for the anti-obesity message.

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