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Is Carrie a Mac or a PC?

May 28, 2010


via Gizmodo has the word on the street that Carrie is giving up her Macbook for a netbook in the new Sex and the City movie. It's only fitting then that the conversation has moved from "Are you a Charlotte or a Samantha?" to are you a ...

Front Page News

May 21, 2010


via My grandparents clipped the front pages of newspapers on important and historical days. "Dewey Defeats Truman," anyone? What will I do? Show my children the most amazing Google doodles of my life? If so, today's will make that list.

Five years of video madness

May 17, 2010


via Can you believe that just five years ago there was no "YouTube" in your vocabulary. That blows me away. What did we do with all this useless nonsense back then? (And by "useless," I mean extremely engaging corporate/user-gene...

Flowchart fun… where you should chat online

May 14, 2010


via I love a good flowchart from WIRED.

Family bail out plans

May 13, 2010


via I'd like to see the other half of this research from Pew. At what age do people start giving back and providing for their parents? How does that differ by gender or race? It would also be good to see this broken down geographic...