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Aldo’s Instagram Campaign Did And Didn’t Work via @businessinsider

October 23, 2012


via Click through to the Business Insider post to watch the video. It's too bad that Aldo didn't go just one step further with a branded doormat. It could've made all the difference in the photos uploaded to Instagram and creat...

The “What Am I On?” Ad with Lance Armstrong via @adage

October 19, 2012


via A great look back at Armstrong's ads as his sponsors drop him from their rosters. The "What Am I On?" ad is a little more than ironic. How did he ever go through with that knowing the truth? Really amazing in hindsight.

Brad Pitt’s second Chanel No. 5 ad via @CBSNews

October 18, 2012


via Who doesn't love watching Brad Pitt? If the strategy here is to make a video that goes viral and keeps people talking, wondering and tracking what's next in advertising, then I'd say: mission accomplished. I'm not sure where Chanel...

Maxipad Brand Goes for Blood in Brilliant Reply to Facebook Rant via @Adweek

October 17, 2012


via Fairly brilliant use of social media for a brand who likely struggles to attract followers. Definitely watch the video response from the CEO! It's hard to execute on funny and this is very well done.

Visualizing Nike+ Runs in Tokyo, London and NYC. Very cool project by YesYesNo.

October 11, 2012


via I'd love to be able to visualize my own runs over the course of the year in this same, highly stylized way. In the meantime, I'll settle for visiting the Nike store in London.

Obama TV Ad Uses ???Big Bird??? to Mock Romney via @ABC

October 10, 2012


via If you watch no other political ads this season, you should watch this one: If nothing else for it's comedic value. Political advertising is absurd. On ...

Facebook Gets Emotional in Spot From Wieden & Kennedy via @adage

October 4, 2012


via Commemorating 1 billion users around the world with a lovely new (ad?) video.