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Charging Consumers for Commercials?

January 29, 2009


Every time the Super Bowl rolls around, my mind wanders (like a lot of consumers) to the commercials that will grace our big screens on game day. If you've ever watched a Super Bowl in your life, you know that Anheuser Busch plays a big role in th...

Guide to Infomercial Rock Stardom

January 28, 2009


Like most GenXYZers, I watch TV at the gym. Every once in a while a crazy longer-than-a-commercial but not-quite-an-infomercial comes on advertising a blanket with sleeves. (?!) I'm sure you've seen the one where the people just can't possibly use...

Velcro vs. Tights: Rounds One and Two

January 20, 2009


I vaguely remember that ad (was it Hanes?) with a woman climbing a thorny bush to show how strong her pantyhose were. I'm not sure I was old enough to wear hose at the time, so I must remember the ad from college marketing classes. It all came cra...

Destination Israel

January 8, 2009


Happy New Year! Every year around this time, I start planning vacations in my head, most of which never actually happen. So, in searching for destinations that would be fun (and given the economy, cheap), I take recommendations from everywhere -- ...