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Changing the Pace

July 25, 2007


Back to the real world. I returned from vacation this week with lots of fresh ideas for the blog, most of which were borrowed from family and friends on the road. Most recently, I've been considering a post on "companies I love" and what I found i...

Outside the Box

July 12, 2007


I'm pretty much typical in every way. When I go to the doctor or fill out a driver's license renewal form, I check all the boxes where they want you to say "yes," and can honestly answer "no" when that's what they're looking for. Where I don't fit...


July 6, 2007


Apple has done an amazing job marketing the iPod to every generation. They plaster cities around the world with ads like this: No words. No picture of the device. And yet, I know what they're selling me. And, for that matter - who is selling it. E...

Marketing from Me to You

July 5, 2007


Today???s big news comes from eBay, a relatively predictable entrant into the free online classified space with the new Web site, Kijiji. (As others have commented, the name is silly and doesn???t read well in print or in your Web address bar.) eBay???s...

Let’s Start Here

July 2, 2007


I received the ???Tea Partay??? YouTube video dozens of times from friends around the country. According to YouTube, I???m not the only one ??? the video has been viewed more than 3 million times over the past 10 months and it???s even spawned spoofs on top...