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A ‘Disposable Forest’? via @adage

December 28, 2010


via Cool project in China meant to draw attention to how the use of disposable wooden chopsticks is impacting forests in that country. I really never would've thought of this since it's not something we use very often. Seems like the equ...

Biggest trends of the year… via @mashable

December 14, 2010


via My favorite part of this chart? That the vuvuzela is apparently more popular than the iPad. I'd love to compare sales number for the two "devices." How many of these did you tweet about? How many did you Google?

Are you in love with your gadgets?

December 10, 2010


via Love this article from the Times (click above) talking about the affection you feel toward your smartphone/tablet. True product design and marketing genius.

Wine and the Millennials

December 8, 2010


If you order a wine that's got a dancing gorilla on it and it tastes bad, then who's stupid? You are," said Don Sebastiani Jr., CEO of Don Sebastiani & Sons, seller of Smoking Loon and other wine brands that make no concerted effort to reach mille...

Best Campaigns of the Digital Decade

December 1, 2010


via One Club named the best campaigns of the 'digital decade' which can be viewed - with entries and commentary from the teams that created them - on the site. Sometimes seeing creative campaigns in action is all we need to...